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Areas of Specialization

• Mortgage Security
• Tax Appeals
• Condemnation
• Matrimonial
• Foreclosure
• Bankruptcy
• Trusts & Estates
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Breach Of Contract
• Zoning
• Estate Planning
• Rent Arbitration
• Court Testimony

Cout Testimony - Our Unique Specialty - "Cross Examination is the anvil of truth and you must be prepared for a thorough hammering." - John P. Hogan. Right of Way, October - 1959
When your real estate valuation or consulting assignment involves litigation or potential litigation, your choice of a real estate valuation expert is of even greater importance. While many real estate appraisers can prepare cogent appraisal reports and analyses, few are willing to defend them on the witness stand. An even fewer number are able to do so with great success in the face of unrelenting cross examination. If your real estate valuation problem may involve a trip to the courthouse, you need the expert’s expert.

Since our founding in 1950, we have specialized in litigation support and expert testimony in real estate valuation matters. Over the years we have been involved in most of the major cases involving the value of real estate in the metropolitan area. Our staff members have been recognized as expert witnesses in local, state and federal courts.

Our philosophy to forensic real estate valuation is that when you are on the witness stand, it is too late in the game to fix mistakes or to begin to assess the opposition’s strategy. We begin and conduct each step of a litigation assignment in light of cross-examination. Thus, prior to rendering our report, we are aware of, and able to rectify, any weaknesses in our position. Furthermore, this process provides us with a clear understanding of the opposition’s potential alternative strategies.

We welcome the opportunity to provide your team with the foremost level of litigation support for real estate valuation matters.


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